day in the life…

i always want to be a fly on the wall on other people’s lives, to see how they really live!  i took a regular day about a month ago and tried to record the daily goings-on so you could get a peek into my days!

*     *     *     *     *

6:30 – roll out of bed and into the shower.   i don’t think i opened my eyes until i was out of the shower!

6:45 – dig through clothes on closet floor that i haven’t put away yet from our last trip.

6:50 – climb back in bed with laptop, soon joined by a child.  reply to a few emails, print out grids (lesson plans) for today’s homeschooling.


7:00 – out of bed, all 3 kids up.  breakfast.  COFFEE.  christmas music is on.  of course.

7:30-9 – reminders of chores, etc.  write paychecks.  order fabric.  blow dry bangs.


9 – start homeschool.  kids start on independent work: handwriting, phonics. i prep work for cutting.

9:30 – grammar with the girls (first language lessons)

9:45 – get a phone call.  discipline 2 arguing children while on the phone, trying to not let the caller know whats going on.  its called the silent yell.

10:00 – help girls write letters to family members, gracie finishes first and takes a break.  silas gets out of a time out and finishes his handwriting.  i work on a couple emails and name tags for the stitch market vendors.

10:45 – get a delivery for new straps for market totes!  help silas with math, gracie does math wrap ups, lily finishes more independent work.

11:00 -12 – read story of the world (learn about hinduism and buddhism) and read d’aulaires’ book of greek myths.


12:00 – kids make lunch while i zone out for a bit.  think about napping…

12:00 – market vendor stops by for a few minutes.  help gracie find a greek vase picture and print it out so she can write about it.

12:30 – eat lunch lily made for me (quesadilla).  sean comes home from morning appointment.  fireplace fixer guy stops by to fix the loft fireplace. work on emails and blog post.

1:00 – let kids each have a piece of candy.  candy drama ensues.  so hard to start school again!  have kids clean up messes they made.  now they are all hungry again. getting themselves fruit.

1:15 – more candy drama.  candy bag gets “thrown away” (or hidden).  everyone in a time out.


1:20-1:45 – i took lily out to do math while the other 2 stayed in their rooms.

1:45 – finished math with lily – no tears or yelling = HUGE success!  other kids can come out of their rooms.  but they don’t.  lily decides she wants to do more math!

1:45 – 2:20 – i work on emails, a guest stylist project, etc.


2:30 – help silas with phonics, reading


3:00 – head to fred and betty’s to finish window displays with the kids

4:45 – home, dread doing dinner.

5:00 – home, neither sean or i want to make dinner.  i stay home to veg for a bit while sean takes the kids out to pick up greek take-out.

5:30 – eat dinner

7:30 – kids in bed, head to the playroom/studio to start work.

8:00 – midnight-ish – work on blog posts, reply to emails, finish prepping fabrics.  watch several episodes of “the good wife” on hulu while i’m working.  bed time.

annual family olympics

every year we do a “cheney family olympics”.  we flip flop holidays with our families, so one year we do the olympics the day after thanksgiving, the next year is the day after christmas.  this years olympics were just after thanksgiving when we were down south with sean’s family.

we split our huge group into two teams, trying to keep them as even as possible, splitting up couples for better competition ;)  we also come up with super random team names.  this year’s teams were “team awesome” and “team xtreme purple cobra ponies”.  we had a lot of teenagers on that team ;)

family olympics

this is the first year we had rain, so we had to start with our opening ceremonies in the living room.  we always begin with the national anthem (its hilarious), and then warm up stretches, which involve moves like finger flexing and nose wiggling.

family olympics

all of our games are non-traditional, mostly made up or borrowed ideas.  this was the chair fling, where the contestants would fling folded pieces of paper onto a table top from a rubber band hooked on chair legs.

family olympics

classic hot potato

family olympics

the cheetos toss:  one team member sat in a chair with a shower cap topped with shaving cream.  the other team member tossed cheetos on top.  the team with the most cheetos wins.

family olympics

the kids wearing the shaving cream hats got into a shaving cream fight, so this naturally lead to the next event:  polar bearing in an icy pool!  whoever lasts the longest wins.

family olympics

free throw tossing

family olympics

penalty kicks

family olympics

log roll balancing

family olympics

and the swing long jump.

we also played “name that tune” and a few other games.

it is always so much fun!  it is the highlight of the holidays for my whole family.

here are some olympics from years past:

2009 2010 2011