christmas home tour {luxe lodge}


i have been working on my christmas decorations longer than i care to admit (*cough* pre-thanksgiving *cough*), so why haven’t i shared the pics with you yet? because i keep adding, changing, flipping, sewing, rearranging.  which needs photographing, waiting for the right light, editing, and now… blogging!  yay blogging!

so, without further ado, welcome to my christmas house!


{front door}

i always feel like the front door is like a party invitation:  its something pretty to give you a taste of what to expect inside.  and so, this wreath.  it is supposed to be telling you to expect a warm, home-y, cozy, semi-traditional home, with a side of sparkle and fluff.

this wreath fits in perfectly with my design board!

details to come on the wreath.

do you remember my past wreath?  it was definitely representative of what was inside, but oh so different than now.  and different can be fun!



i just made a few subtle changes here from my every day normal.  did you see that crazy cute cuckoo clock?  it makes me happy.

the vintage plaid cooler is something i always have in my sewing space – it actually holds elastic and velcro!  and those deer?  oh those deer.


i found these cuties at our school’s thrift store!


this wreath has been around for many years, almost always in this place.  its just a simple grapevine wreath with a feather boa wrapped around it.


{living room}

this view (from standing on my island) gives you a great idea of the layout of my living room.


i love changing up my mantle with the holidays and seasons, but i love christmas decor even more because it spreads.  it spreads onto my coffee table and onto my couch, and little bits all through the house.


but this.  this is the most important part of it all.  i have the nativity scene set central to the home (left of the fireplace), and at the kids viewing height.  now that they’re older, and less destructive, they can rearrange it as they like.  most days, the wise men and the shepherd are all huddled tight around baby Jesus and his family.




i tried really hard to push myself to try new things with my christmas decor this year.  i’ve done the same thing for a several years, and wanted to try something new.  but i didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  i went through all of my previous decor and kept all things silver, gold, faux fur, feather-y, or classic christmas-y.


i bought these white fur stocking at walmart years ago – before we even had kids!  i went with 6, just in case, but that last one isn’t going to make its way up there.


i never personalized the stockings, but since we are never actually home for christmas they are just for show.  the striped ribbon adds the perfect amount of color and style to the basic stockings.


our tv cover is the perfect backdrop for just about any decor.  i can nail into it and add screws and hang pretty much whatever i want on it!

i found these antlers at a garage sale and sean mounted it for me on a plaque i spray painted gold.

the crystal chain makes me so happy.  it brings back fond memories:  i used to have a resale space in an antique mall, so i spent my days at garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets.  sean and i found piles of these crystal chains at a flea market early one sunday morning for a steal.  i was so excited that i was running my hands through the real cut glass crystal, and then i realized my hands were bleeding.  from the real cut glass crystal!  whoops!  anyway, despite the bit of blood, its fun to remember the adventures sean and i went on pre-kids!


some ornaments just need to be featured, and this one does.  its just so pretty!


the feather tree is also another one thats been around since the beginning of our marriage, as are the cream candle trees.  i have been slowly collecting other trees through the years, and i only added the gold trees and a couple of the green bottle brush trees.


i bought these deer from target this year for about $6.  i spray painted the body gold and the antlers gold glitter spray paint.  have you ever used glitter spray paint?  that stuff is awesome!


the white space above the trees seemed bare, so the tiny wreathes went up.  i used a lot of pompoms last year, so i pulled off the ones that worked for my new decor and tied them on.


even though i just made new pillows, i swapped them out for more festive ones.


cable knit pillows scream lodge to me, as do moose and plaid.  knit pillow from tjmaxx, moose pillow made by me (details coming soon).


i wanted a little more pops of color and some more glitz. you can’t see much of it, but there’s a great faux fur throw behind the green pillow.  we all fight to snuggle with it every day!

gold pillow from tjmaxx, green pillow made by me, fur throw from world market.


more cable knit, more fur, more plaid and more sparkles.

throw from ikea (pompoms made by me), gold dot burlap made by me, red knit pillow from tjmaxx, black & white buffalo plaid pillow made by me (out of pj pants!), fur pillow from world market.


i love piles of ornaments for the holidays, so i had to incorporate some here on the coffee table.  i found these antlers while thrifting with a friend, and tucked them in with the ornaments.


the birch bark wrapped candles from world market add just enough woodsiness to the space.


don’t you think?


we had to move our crib-turned-daybed into the playroom to make room for the tree, but i still wanted additional seating besides the couches.  the back of the chair is covered with a blanket my grandmother made sean and i for our wedding.  the velvet pillow from world market is belted with… a belt.


it took me 2 tries to get the tree right.  i started with adding red and green balls but that was all.wrong.  yuck.  so down they went.


i got the fur tree skirt well over 10 years ago at kmart when i got the stockings.

PicMonkey Collage


besides gold and silver ball ornaments, i used a variety of other sparkly ornaments.  my mom gives each of the kids a special ornament each year.  gracie gets stars, lily gets snowflakes, and silas gets reindeer.  my mom thankfully gets really pretty ones each year!


gracie’s horse sculpture fit in perfectly with a little wreath around its neck ;)


{dining room}

the buffet was decorated with a couple white trees my mom thrifted for me a few years ago, sitting atop old soda crates with gold tinsel skirts.


the runner was actually a wrap i wore when i was a bridesmaid!


our gallery wall even got a little fancier!


i love the little rudolph from misfit menagerie!  and the “o come” is new this year.  i bought a few letters in various fonts and sizes.  the “o” is wrapped in red yarn. the “c” is spray painted in gold glitter, the second “o” is a mini wreath, the “m” is covered in bronze faux bois scrapbook paper, and the “e” is wrapped in strips of red plaid fabric.  they are all hung with thumbtacks hot glued to the back of the letters.  i’m expecting to hear them falling down at any point!



there’s not a lot of space for decor in the kitchen, but we fit the new advent calendar on the only wall space we had!


details here.



even the playroom got a little festive!


scrappy bunting and a banner from my sister-in-law were perfect!

so there you have it!  i hope you enjoyed the tour!

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    Wow, your home is a true inspiration. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Wow…

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    Love, love, love your blog!

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    That is so pretty! I would love to live in that house at Christmas time! My boys are lucky I put the tree up…

  4. 4

    Oh my goodness Lindsay, I LOVE this!! Absolutely gorgeous & I love all the details. Great job!

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    Where did you get your nativity scene? It’s beautiful.

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    Simplistic and inviting-Merry Christmas!

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    Love your Christmas decorating ideas…gonna steal a few! Enjoy your blog. A verry Merry Christmas.

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    Beautiful home! Can you please, please tell me the color of your paint. I’m looking for the perfect gray and love your walls.

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