house tour {great room}

so its only been just over a month since my last house tour, but soon after i finished the tour i switched out several rooms.  apparently i really needed a change!  silas moved in with lily and gracie got her own room, then i switched the dining and living rooms!

today i’m sharing our entire great room: entry, dining, living, and a smidge of the kitchen.


welcome to my home!  as you can see, there is no real entry space in my house, you just walk right into the main room!


this fact was one of the main reasons i’ve been wanting to try swapping out the dining and living rooms.  our living room configurations (there are several options) never gave quite enough space in the entryway.  it always felt a little too tight.

but now it feels much more open!  and yes, i moved the piano again.  adding the rug under it really helped break up all the brown.  but i still am planning on painting the piano (don’t hate me, piano lovers!).

the walls are all painted silver sage by restoration hardware.  its a great neutral color that has a hint of color in different lights – we’ve used it in 3 different homes!  i think the white trim is called polar white (?).  i basically was looking for the brightest white possible.


after seven years of having the same mirror in our entry way, i finally mixed things up a bit!  i started off by hanging my new canvas ℅ naptime diaries, then worked around that.  aren’t the colors amazing on it?!  i was really tempted to limit my color palette here, but i just couldn’t.  i kept my big canvas i painted years ago, and added my laundry room rug from target. i still haven’t killed this houseplant yet so it found a new home here.

the #5’s represent our family of 5 and were both gifts.


i pulled a roman bust from the garden, hosed it off and plopped it on top of the piano along with my yummy candle from red letter words and a garage sale antler.


directly across from the piano is the dining room table.  yep, its kind of weird to walk right into the dining room, but it also feels so much more open then it did before.

our floors are engineered hardwood, maple with a walnut stain.  we bought them when we rebuilt the house and i don’t remember the company – sorry!


here’s a before pic of the previous dining room, just as a reminder of what it used to look like.


and now the table (from pottery barn, no longer available) sits in front of the fireplace and bookshelves.  most likely, we’ll be switching the rooms back in the winter because i love to sit in front of the fireplace.  but for now i’m enjoying the change!


we had mismatched, broken chairs for several years. one day my sister-in-law said she had a friend who was selling their chairs that perfectly matched our table for a steal –  sold!


we still have the tv hidden behind the barn wood cover, but since we rarely watch tv, we can just sit at the table if we do.


i love putting my books in rainbow order!  the “do justly” canvas from red letter words is the prefect shade of turquoise to pull it all together.


the yellow dresser (french pale gold by behr) fits great under the windows and gives the dining area just the pop of color it needed – all that black can be overwhelming sometimes!


this is the view standing in the playroom doorway.




and now on to the new location of the living room!


another reason why i like the living room here is because it allows for better conversation between those in the kitchen and those on the couches, the 2 areas where we spend a lot of time.

the glass rack on the island is from world market, spray painted pink by me.


while i normally prefer the couches to be facing each other, i liked the couch best centered under the photo gallery shelves.


the right couch is from ikea, left couch custom made in l.a. years ago, coffee table made by my dad & i, chair thrifted, rug from costco, pillows made by me, from world market and from paisley sprouts, and shelves from ikea.


sean and i bought the chandelier at the rose bowl flea market for our first apartment and have moved it with us ever since.  it was originally intended to hang over the dining table, but i sort of love it here!


the sofa table (still used as a wrapping station) still works great behind the couch, painted mermaids net by behr.



and here’s the view from the couch to the kitchen.  we left the space between the living room and kitchen pretty open since that space is a thoroughfare between the front porch and the backyard.


any questions?  ask me in the comments and i’ll do my best to answer!




if you ever want a good laugh & some pure entertainment, just put pharell’s “happy” song on youtube and it will make. your. night.


oh yeah, and you have to have kids to do the funny part.


here’s the deal:  my girlfriend told me how their family watches that music video and her son (same age as silas) loves to dance to it and try to imitate all the moves.   so cute, right?  well, silas and the girls did the same exact thing and it was awesome!  seriously some of the hardest laughing sean and i have done in a long time!


while first time was definitely the funniest, we’ve done it a few more times and it just makes me smile.  and who can’t use a good smile?  can i get an amen?


this time just the girls were getting their groove on.  as my online friend emily pointed out to me, our kids are just at the sweet spot – such great ages.  i so enjoy sitting back and watching them be silly and goofy and getting little glimpses of looking like big kids.


we’re kind of a dance party family.  we always have music playing, pretty much from once we wake up each day.  so when a good song hits we tend to make total goofs of ourselves and have a dance party with the kids.  its pretty awesome.  and they’re not too embarrassed of us.  yet.



the girls are sporting adorable new t-shirts ℅ the talking shirt, a company founded by a mommy tired of tees with rude/snarky/inappropriate sayings on them!  she also has two little girls and wanted them to spread a positive message wherever they went.  i love that idea!



the colors and prints of the shirts are super cute, but i also love the cut – not boxy, but not tight fitting either.


the talking shirt is giving away a prize pack of 3 tees of the winners choice!

see rafflecopter below to enter!

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