hi! i’m lindsey!


maybe you’re new here, or maybe you’ve been hanging around for awhile (i’ve been blogging for over 7 years now!), but either way, i think its time for a proper introduction!

hi!  i’m lindsey!  i’m 36 but forget a lot and wish i were 28 (the perfect age).  i have a fierce sweet tooth that i battle with daily.  i am an introvert and a homebody – i consider it a win if i don’t have to leave the house in a day.  that said, i also love to travel!  i am also the owner of the pleated poppy, which began as a lifestyle blog, grew also into a successful handmade business for several years, and after “retiring” from the business i’m back to focusing on my family & blog.  i love to write about house projects, design ideas, and outfit inspiration.  i started “what i wore wednesdays“, a weekly outfit post & link party, several years ago with the goal of encouraging other women to set aside a few extra minutes for themselves, to try new styles with affordable fashion.

i’ve been married to sean for 14 years – we met when i was fresh out of high school!  our marriage isn’t perfect, but its more amazing than i ever expected.  he’s a hands-on dad and always supportive of my hair brained ideas.  he’s an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, and has been my business coach over the years.  we share big dreams of our lives together and tackle the messiness of parenting as a team.  he works out of the house when he’s not traveling, so i have the privilege of calling him in for reinforcement when the days get tough ;)  we both come from big families and love getting to spend time with our out-of-town siblings and parents – one of those big dreams we hope to see in our own kids someday.


i’m also mama to 3 kids that are in the sweet spot of ages right now (gracie is 11, lily is 9, and silas is 7).  we do a unique version of schooling, a mix of homeschooling (3 days a week) and at-schooling (2 days a week) following the classical model of education.  in our home we are noisy and imperfect, but jesus always comes first.  family meal times are a top priority, bucking society’s push to over schedule our kids.  we also are big on chores, aiming for our kids to grow to be hard workers and do all for the glory of god.


i went to college without a clue of my life’s direction, after 4 years of honors & AP classes in high school.  instead of trying out different electives like art or photography in high school, i took another language class or european history.  it wasn’t until i was nearly through my general ed college classes did i realize i loved art and design!  i was finally able to take classes that spoke to me and inspired me, but i wasn’t about to start my college career over with a new major.  i was already dating sean and knew we wanted to wait to get married until i was done with school, so i put myself on the fast track to finishing college (summer and winter session classes every year) in just 3 1/2 years.  during my last year of school, i started interning as a decorative painter/faux finisher.  to be creative as a career finally became an option for me, so when i graduated with my liberal studies degree, i decided not to pursue a teaching career like i had settled on.

i eventually started my own painting business (sean’s entrepreneurial spirit was already rubbing off on me!), and after tiring from the physical labor from painting, i fell in love with all things vintage.  inspired by filling up our newlywed home with garage sale finds, i realized there were more deals to find than what i needed for myself.  i found a local antique mall with space to rent and began thrifting, going to flea markets & estate sales weekly to fill up my booth.  anything that needed some love or repairs i would fix up, using my newly honed painting skills.


i eventually closed that business once i was pregnant with my first and we moved from the beach community of san clemente, california to 4 hours up the coast to san luis obispo, where we’ve lived for the last 11 years.  during that time, sean and i have also renovated & remodeled a duplex and 2 homes – we work well together: i tell him my vision, and he makes it a reality ;)

since closing my handmade business, i have had several design & business opportunities come my way.  this has been a season of “no” for me as i try to find new footing in this stage.  one of my big “yeses” was to become a design & business consultant for our school’s non-profit thrift store, called fred & betty’s.  it has been a great fit for me, combining my love for thrifting, design, and business.  it takes more of my time than i intend, but i also get great joy out of the work i do there.


 in my internet life, you can follow along with me here on my blog, sporadically on Facebook, and pretty consistently on instagram.  you can also find me daydreaming on pinterest.  its good to meet you and i’m so glad you’re here!


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    Even though I’ve never met you in person I feel like I know you and your a friend. We like so many of the same things . We home school, we both got married the same day the same year, we even have the same sofa. :-) It’s funny how much we have in common. I hope this doesn’t sound stockerish but, if I ever get to California I’d love to meet you and go to Fred & Betty’s. I enjoy your blog so much. Your so real. Some days when homeschooling isn’t going will, the laundry isn’t folded & there’s dishes in the sink its nice to know I’m not the only one. You’ve also given me great ideas for decorating my home! When I read your blog it’s like a friend has come over for awhile. I just wanted to say thanks. :-)

    • 2

      thanks for your sweet words, sarah! i always want to make my readers feel comfortable and be real and open, so i’m so glad its coming across that way for you! let me know if you come to ca!

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    I’ve been reading The Pleated Poppy since 2010, so I feel like I know you pretty well! Actually, you introduced me to home/diy blogging. I was Google imaging for coat closet makeover ideas and I found a post on Angry Julie Monday. Somehow, she linked to your blog, I clicked over and quickly devoured your blog and your entire blog roll, following most of them. I didn’t know this segment of the blogging community existed before you, so I am immensely grateful that you’ve given me an excuse to be an Internet-addict for the past 4 years! :)

    • 4

      its kind of embarrassing how bad my posts and pictures were years ago – its kind of like you were able to go through my old photo albums ;) i love finding out how people first discovered my blog – thanks for sharing!

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    I’ve been a reader for about 2 1/2 years now and I love The Pleated Poppy. Thanks for sharing this with us. I love your story – very inspiring. God bless you and keep up the great work!


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    Hi Lindsey! Such a kind and welcoming story. I “met” you first by chance through Pinterest while looking through fashion ideas..this was in summer 2013! You are a terrific blogger. You keep it honest and so down to earth..I love that. There are many wonderful bloggers and they’re fun to read but not practical for me like The Pleated Poppy. Btw. How did you get your name for blog? Thanks for sharing your story xxoo.

    • 8

      thanks for your sweet words, lynnann! i came up with the name when i had first started my handmade business. my blog used to be called “imperfect” which was quite appropriately titled! i knew i wanted the name to have some sort of flower component and then also a sewing term. i asked readers and friends for suggestions and landed on the pleated poppy!

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    Hi Lindsey, I loved reading about you and your beautiful family! It was fun to hear your story. I always wondered how old you were. I guessed 30. I’m also 36 and have a 7, 9, and 11 year old except mine are oldest to youngest; boy, girl, girl. I love your blog!

    • 11

      ooh, i like your guess of my age! i always feel a kindred connection with people with kids the same age as mine!

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    I just loved reading your story. I’m a fellow homeschool mom which is about to end as I am graduating my daughter in the spring. I chuckled to myself when you wrote about being perfectly happy not leaving the home yet loving to travel because i feel the same way! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been reading your blog for several years and I love it!! Thanks :)

  7. 14

    So fun! xoxo.

  8. 16

    I am a new follower so this introduction was super fun for me! Thanks for filling in the gaps! I loooooooove your WIWW series!

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    Hi Lindsey,
    I really enjoyed learning more about you. I love your name – my daughter’s name is also Lindsey (with an “e”).
    Being a mother of four, I admire your dedication to your family and your children’s education. You are a good mom and it is obvious you take your job as a mom seriously.
    Oh, and I am also a homebody and introvert and totally understand you being very content staying inside your house!
    Love being a part of What I Wore Link-up and I adore your relaxed and casual style.

    Best, cherie at stylenudge.com

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    Interesting…. I love checking out your blog from time to time. I have noticed that some of your pictures and mention of where you grew up seem to be Lake Arrowhead? And then this post mentions living in San Clemente…. I imagine maybe our paths have crossed at some point then. You have always looked familiar, but I don’t know your maiden name and I just assumed you looked familiar because of your blog?! I was raised in Lake Arrowhead (moved away for many years and now back there raising a family) and I have a beachhouse in San Clemente and we are the same age. DId you go to Rim of the World? Just curious….even if you didn’t- I love reading your blog and love your creativity….even if our paths have never crossed, we are soul sisters with many common interests!

    • 21

      fun! i actually grew up in bass lake, but we have vacationed with family friends at lake arrowhead many times. i moved to san clemente for college, so no high school there for me. but south orange county does have that small feel where you run into people all the time! who knows, maybe we have crossed paths before!

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    I love that I’ve followed your blog for a long time and still learned lots of new things. That sounds really dumb. I shouldn’t know all that much about you but it was fun to learn. I love hearing people’s stories.

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