i’m linking up my phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


oh, this boy is the best snuggler.  like you guys should all be jealous ;)  i will never regret co-sleeping with my kids as babies.  it was the best bonding time for us!  and even though we’ve moved far beyond that, i still love it when they sneak into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning.  (sheets are from target.  and yes, they are soft.)


last weekend i knocked a few projects off my list – painting this locker cabinet was one of them!


lily and sean cooked another one of their famous themed meals – this time focusing on pomegranates.  it was quite a treat!


i still don’t love my wreath, but have been too lazy/busy to rework it.  soon…


with a busy morning and a busy afternoon, i took a few minutes in between to sit and relax before the hustle began again.  sometimes it feels weird to stop moving on a busy day!


inspired by the printable tags made by emily, our family made a thankful tree and it has been so fun!  the kids love stopping by and filling out tags and adding them to the tree!

what are your plans for the weekend?  we have our school’s history day today (full viking attire to come!) and good friends in town – so excited!


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    Your living room looks awesome! Exchanging the yellow piece for a white one made such a difference! I have silver sage walls in several rooms in my house and I love how calming and versatile they are.
    And a big Yay! for co-sleeping. No regrets over here, 3 kids and counting 😃

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    P.s. Only the baby still sleeps with us, just to clarify. But the bigger ones still come in to snuggle and I love it!

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    I sent you a private email!
    I hope you will reply

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