DIY crayon roll

i’m bringing back a few of my favorite old posts while sean & i are out of town – enjoy!

one of the long time staples in my shop used to be  crayon rolls.
these are perfect for gifts!
each of my girls have one and silas  has been begging for one, so i made up this adorable one for him.  these are great for throwing in your purse, for keeping the littles busy in the car, waiting rooms, restaurants…  and when they’re done, they love that each crayon has its own little home
and they can roll it up themselves and secure it with the elastic.
so, are you ready for the tutorial?  here you go!
2 pieces of same fabric for outside and inside – 5″ x 16 1/2″
1 piece of coordinating fabric for pocket – 6″ x 16 1/2″
1 piece of flannel for lining – 5″ x 16 1/2″
1 coordinating hair elastic
1 button
needle and thread
1 box of 16 crayons (i get mine at walmart)
disappearing ink fabric marker

1. cut out all 4 pieces of fabric

2.  fold pocket piece of fabric in half length-wise and iron flat.
i have found that it helps to actually PLUG IN the iron, and not the nearby vacuum cord.
crazy how that works!

3.  lay out flannel piece.
its just a lining to give the roll a little more stability.
then lay one of the 5″ wide pieces on top of the flannel (wrong side down),
then pocket piece on top of that, lining up all bottom edges.
pin at the ends.
4.  find the midpoint of the pocket at 8 1/4″.
with your fabric marker and a straight edge, mark the middle line.
5.  then make a line every inch, until all 15 lines have been drawn.
see how the space after the last lines on each side is a little wider than 1 inch?
that’s to allow for the seam allowance.
6.  now stitch down the pocket.
i start at the center line, 1/4″ below the top of the pocket, and back stitch (very important!),
then run your stitch all the way down.
work your way down the lines to the right, then to the left, until all lines are stitched down.
trim threads.

7.  if you have a tag to add, do it now.
also stitch down the elastic on the far right side.
i take the seam part of the elastic (where its melted together) and pinch it.
i stitch it down just inside the edge, about a 147 times.
ok, not really but i really want to make sure the elastic holds when little hands are tugging on it.

8.  now lay the outside piece on top of all that you have just attached together,
right sides together, and pin at each corner.

9.  next stitch all pieces together with a 1/4″ inseam.
start at the short end without the elastic, leaving about a 2″ opening to turn right side out.
i marked my opening so you could see my placement.
clip the corners.

10.  turn right side out and gently poke out corners.  i like to use a chopstick for this.

11.  spray your stitched down pocket lines with water before ironing crayon roll flat.
sometimes if you don’t spray the marker lines,
when you iron it it makes the ink permanent rather than disappearing.
12.  press all the edges flat and tuck in the edges of the opening.

13.  starting just below the elastic, stitch very close to the outer edge to hold all the pieces together.

14.  organize your crayons (my *favorite* part!) and tuck into pockets.

15.  roll up tight.
gently stretch the elastic to find where the button should be sewn down.
sew on the button securely.
16.  you’re done!
find a cute little one to give this to and make their day!

i so hope you enjoy this little project!
thank you for reading through this very long tutorial!

DIY terrariums

sean & i are escaping to seattle for a few days sans kiddos, so i’m pulling some of my favorite old posts out of the archives to share with you again.  enjoy!

DIY terrariums

a couple weeks ago, the girls and i spent a day making terrariums together.

DIY terrariums

 we shopped the house for glass containers, then got a couple large ones from target.  we used vases (short and tall), mason jars, and lidded containers.


 then we hunted around the house for small objects to accessorize our terrariums:  shells, twigs, tiny bird cages, rocks, sea glass, tiny trinkets and memorabilia.


 terrariums typically begin with a stone base, but we had a huge bag of sea glass that i thought would be a fun twist!  lots of our glass was collected, but you can also buy inexpensive bags of sea glass at walmart.


because we were trying to do this on the cheap, we used supplies and made do with what we had lying around, or stored deep in forgotten cupboards.  these polished stones had been weighing down some vases, and were great for a variety of base material (other than the sea glass option).


 we started out with our base material (stones or sea glass).we needed at least an inch at the base.


 for terrariums with lids, we needed to add a good handful of activated carbon (also called activated charcoal).  the charcoal helps to fight off mildew issues with the covered terrariums.  another tip is to try to keep the leaves from touching the glass, which can also cause mildew.


the charcoal can be found at pet supply stores in the fish tank section.  i think ours was around $5?


 because i didn’t want to use all of our sea glass for the base, i just used common gravel stones for the center and surrounded the sides with the glass.




 then we added the charcoal.


 we also made 2 batches of soil.  we added the rest of the charcoal to the soil for the enclosed terrariums, and a regular batch for the other terrariums.


 we used a mix of tiny succulents, grasses, and mosses for our containers.


 i also got this really pretty fern for an old concrete urn in the house.  and i’ve already killed it.


 we added the soil with charcoal to the rock/glass base.


 then we played!  i used a chunk of petrified wood, a small glass bottle from a trip to paris,  all mixed with the plants.




 i even planted a little succulent inside a footed cup that my sister sent me from london.


 gracie used a tiny wire birdcage and tucked a succulent inside.

after we finished them all, we lightly watered them until the soil was saturated.

DIY terrariums

we made so many that we were able to make a little garden on our coffee table, some on our mantel, and another on our window sill!


i love the silverware the girls tucked into their creations!


these weeping grasses are a fun contrast to the curvy shells and soft moss.







the kids are loving the succulents.  can you see the tiny pony that has found a home there? ;)

so far, all of these bad boys are still alive (yay!).  i’ve been told that i should water the succulents once i see that the water has dried up from the rocks and sea glass below.  if you have any great tips, feel free to leave them in the comments.  thanks friends!

***edited*** after a while, we realized that succulents need to be in open air (dryer spaces) and not in the enclosed containers.  also, the starfish got pretty nasty in the enclosed jar as well.  so don’t do that ;)