winter house

cozy winter decor

after the christmas decor was all packed up (i won’t lie – it was mid-january), it was time to quiet the house.  i removed all the holiday-specific items, but still wanted a little glitz and sparkle.  after all, its a new year, and thats something to celebrate!

cozy winter decor

i tucked away most of the knick-knacks and only brought out the items that felt fresh and homey – items with shine, sparkle, texture and warmth.  i kept the colors to a minimum – just white, cream, silver, gold, grey, tan & brown.

and i kept the pompom wreath up because its perfect for winter!

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

to keep from looking too stark being somewhat devoid of color, i’ve made sure to add a lot of texture in the furs and sequins.

i had a couple sequined tops laying around and turned them into pillow covers!

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

i love this locker cabinet in here!

cozy winter decor

i’ve also realized that if i’m not adding in color through accessories, i need to have lots of freshness through live plants.  my tip for keeping them alive: every couple days i my kids drop 2-3 ice cubes on the soil.

cozy winter decor


cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

our beautiful california winter has kept the roses blooming in our yard – it was 80* last weekend!

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

our entryway got a bit of a makeover, too.  i really simplified it for christmas, but i needed to wake that area up a bit.

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

cozy winter decor

so how about you?  do you go back to your usual decor after the holidays, or do you like to mix it up?  i’m not one for keeping things the same for long in my home, so i’m pretty sure things will change again around here soon…


  1. 1

    I love how cozy everything looks! I basically did the same thing you did this year. Our house is really neutral with soft cream leather furniture. I brought in texture through fur and sweater covered pillows. I have a bust/vase like your chippy guy that is sporting a scarf and ear muffs for the season, and then I filled the top of his head with some bare winter branches.

  2. 3

    Delightful…To see the brightness brings
    a smile! Living in Chicago the winters are long, dark, cold and blah. Don’t get me wrong, when it snows snd things glisten, pretty! Like you all Christmas gone but did leave a sting of lights on mantle and back sliding door in kitchen to give some sparkle. 😊

  3. 5

    Such a gorgeous decor! in love with the table settings and that locker.. One of the most coziest home decors I have seen!!

  4. 7

    After the holiday décor I like to do like you and create a clean, simple look. It’s a nice refreshing change after lots of fun holiday clutter. Your place looks great!

  5. 9

    Did you get a different piano ? What happened to the yellow piano?

    Your home looks great !!


    • 10

      very perceptive, but it wasn’t a yellow piano but a large (piano sized) dresser. we moved it into the girls’ room for now.

  6. 11

    Love how everything looks so fresh and clean! Question for you: you seem to change your hanging pictures around quite a bit…do you use hammer/nails and then fill holes/pain or do you use something like a command hook?


    • 12

      i use a hammer and nails and never patch! if you saw my wall up close you’d see it riddled with holes! i just hope that if i put enough up on the walls that it will cover the previous holes.

  7. 13

    Man, I am equally embarassed and inspired by your GORGEOUS home! I havent done much to mix things up lately but definitely need to. ADORE your coffee table btw!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    • 14

      i was just thinking today, “are my kids going to grow up thinking they had a crazy mom that could never keep her furniture the same way?”! i think there is something good about consistency, but for me, changing things up just feels normal.
      and thanks for the coffee table love – my dad and i made it together a couple years ago.

  8. 15

    Some people have talent in décor some don’t. You sure got your share and then some!! Love love love the “So Rad” print!!

  9. 17

    I too love the “So Rad” print! I also love your framed 5 because I have 5 in my family as well. I really love the cozy and simple space you created here. Your blog gives me so much inspiration!

    • 18

      thanks kristin! thats so sweet! and the print is a freebie and i’ll be sharing the link in my post tomorrow!

  10. 19

    I absolutely love the table in your living room! That refurbished wood is stunning.

  11. 21

    Hi Lindsay~

    Your house LOOKS awesome…I love LOVE to decorate, and you’ve got style, AND you like to change things up allot and I so love that!!! Its like ya got a new room:) WAY jealous of your California weather, live in Michigan, so lots of cold cold cold, wishing we would actually get a bit more snow!!
    I am helping a friend with her wedding, wants very simple decor, I have lots of ideas running through my mind. One is using some succulents (spelled correctly???) I know you blogged once about them, silly question but what type of store do you even buy them in. A flower market only? I can so see them on her tables for the reception:) Looking forward to hearing back.

    And thank you for your yummy blog posts, they just kinda make a girls day!!!!!


    • 22

      thanks for your sweet words, lisa! as for the succulents, i get mine most often at home depot. they have a pretty good selection at mine year round. you can grow them indoors in the colder months and then slowly move them outdoor as it warms up if you need to. they would look beautiful for a wedding!

  12. 23

    It was really a blessing you shared your darling entry. We downsized into a home 1/3 the size of our previous one and most of the time I feel cramped and uncomfortable. The only place I could fit a piano was also in our entryway. I felt silly and thought people would question such placement. After I saw your fantastic entry, I can view mine with more confidence. It may seem silly…but truly a prayer answered and comfort given by you sharing your talents. (Now what to do with our second piano that is lonely sitting in storage…that is painted a really fun blue!)

  13. 24

    Gorgeous and cozy, cozy, cozy!

  14. 25

    I love your site and style. What is the paint color of your house?

  15. 27

    That’s the living room/dining room area!

  16. 28
    Melanie Barker says:

    Where do you get all your 5’s? Also, are those scrabble pieces in the blue jar? I have some of those jars and was trying to think of random/but not odd things to put in them!

    • 29

      i think they were all gifts! but you can search on easy “vintage number 5” and usually i have pretty good luck. and yes, those are scrabble pieces!

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