modern jewelry dishes & Sharpie paint markers


as the supervisor and display lead at Fred & Betty’s thrift store, i am often searching for new ideas of thrift store crafts to share with our followers on Instagram.  there are so many clever ideas available, but not always modern, so i decided to create my own!


after picking up several glass dishes, small bowls and containers from the thrift store, i headed to Michaels to pick up some new Sharpie oil-based paint markers, and a couple new bottles of acrylic craft paint.  my goal was to create several styles of ring & jewelry dishes.  i had been wanting one to set on my bedside table to put my earrings in at night (i always forget to take them off until i lay down!), and i wanted to make more for gifts.



these Sharpie markers are awesome!  they work on virtually any surface: wood, metal, glass, pottery, rubber, plastic, stone… and they come in lots of vibrant colors.   for my purposes, i went with gold and silver metallic markers, and glossy black.  they are AP certified and xylene free.  as always, i pulled up my Michaels app on my phone to get a coupon (#neverpayfullprice).


i had so much fun thinking up different designs for each different type of dish!  i used painter’s tape on the backside of my dishes to tape off the areas i wanted to keep clear, and just used a knife to scrape off any acrylic paint that bled under.  then i used my Sharpie paint markers to add in all the fun details!


aren’t they so fun!  and they are all different.  some i used Sharpie on the back side then painted over it.  others i used the Sharpie on the backside only in areas that i had not painted.  and still on others i used the Sharpie on the top side of the glass which added another dimension with the Sharpie designs on top and paint color underneath.

here are some details of my favorites:


for the design above, i taped off a section, painted it, then drew a floral design free hand all over the unpainted section, then highlighted part of that with a layer of acrylic craft paint behind the Sharpie flowers.


the light color required several coats of paint.  spray paint may have been faster, but i really like mixing my own colors, and i couldn’t find the exact color i wanted in a spray.  after getting a solid pale peachy-pink, i used the metallic gold Sharpie paint marker to draw starbursts on the inside of the bowl.


for this larger design, i taped off 2 sections on the back and painted them, then layered a simple free handed scallop design on the front.  i learned if i made a mistake that nail polish remover on a q-tip worked great to remove tiny errors!  after they were finished, its a good idea to seal the back sides with a clear coat.  also note, these are not meant to be food safe, but for decorative purposes only.


i love how pretty they all turned out!



and now the tough decision is… do i keep this pretty bowl beside my bed?


or this vintage-made-modern tray?  these are life’s big decisions, you guys ;)


Be sure to check your local newspaper and online for Michaels coupons while supplies last! All Sharpie Paint Markers are BOGO 50% off at Michaels June 5th through 11th and again June 19th through 25th while supplies last.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie Paint Marker, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SharpiePaintCreate


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    Lynn Mathiowetz says:

    O. M. Goodness! Those look sweet on your log table:). You’ll need to share those too:) Love these, great ideas…thx for sharing!

  2. 2

    Wow, I love these!!!! Such a great idea.

  3. 3

    Cute! Love these. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. 4

    doing with some HS Young Life for girls night – thanks for sharing!

  5. 5

    I think you all must’ve “channeled” my great-aunt Mae!! Love this!!! She was, as family lore says, bored by her original wedding china, so she created her own eclectic versions of her vision!! She will always be among my top-favorite relatives… We have so much in common!! I’m so happy to see that someone else had a refreshing vision for their own home decor and serving pieces!! Great, (GREAT) Aunt Mae had her own views on what her home “should” look like, and y’all have nailed it w fresh POVs n inspired tutorials!! Thank you, Pleated Poppy!!! I’m so proud of grrrrrreat aunt mae, and of you all for publicizing your (and her) visionary ways to make any old house or apartment into a HOME for the creativity and inspiration that made Aunt Mae, Aunt Mae…. N what makes you, you…. And, by her will that left me the same originally boring (but ultimately Aunt Mae’s version of wedding china, to her most creative great-niece, me!!!!), the desire to make my rented home into MY RENTED HOME… Blessed be, y’all!!!!

  6. 6

    These are gorgeous and repurposed projects are my favorite kind of craft.

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