modern farmhouse: exterior inspiration

as i mentioned last week, we bought some property and are in the process of designing a house!  my plan is to walk you through our whole process, so today we’re going to talk about my inspiration for the overall look of the exterior of the home (full pinterest page here).

modern farmhouse exterior inspiration

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while the term is getting quite a bit of over-use, or maybe the style is as well, we’re going for a “modern farmhouse” look.  to me, that basically means clean lines and some classic elements mixed with more modern elements as well.

our main structure is going to be a simple rectangular two-story “box” with a lot of windows.  we are looking to build this home in the most efficient ways possible, both in terms of time and money.  while our last house had several pop-outs, interesting architectural elements, and a variety of roof lines, this one will be one roof line with 4 exterior walls.

modern farmhouse exterior inspiration


while that starts to sound a bit stark, we’re going to add in fun elements that will keep it both farmhouse in nature and modern.  while many of my inspiration pictures feature board & batten siding, we’re going to stick with wide horizontal siding, painted white.  i have been wanting a white house for so long!  we’re planning on a metal roof, which would be one area where we’d be splurging, so there’s a small chance that will get nixed (please, no!).  we want some metal elements as well, so we’ll probably do a porch roof with black metal trim, but warm it up with stained wood on the underside of the porch roof, like in the image above.

modern farmhouse exterior inspiration


we are planning on 3 structures on our property: the main house, the garage and loft above attached to the main house, and hopefully a barn (i’ll give more details on that in another post).  the 3 structures together will form a “u” shape that will be a courtyard in the front, and will be our main outdoor living space.  while i love lots of grass, watering and maintaining it just won’t work for us, so we’re planning on using DG (decomposed granite) as the main ground cover, with concrete pathways, and lots of trees, plants, and raised gardens.

modern farmhouse exterior inspiration


while this picture gives a bit more of an interior look, its the doors that catch my eye.  our windows and doors will all be black.  i’d love for them to be steel, but thats just way out of our budget, so we’re looking at alternate options.

modern farmhouse exterior inspiration


i’m also trying to decide of the exteriors of the 3 structures should be the same or different.  while we’ve nixed the idea of a wood exterior (too much maintenance), i love the mix of a white house with a weathered wood structure next to it – so pretty!

modern farmhouse exterior inspiration


this is my favorite exterior element i’m determined to work into the plan: a glass bridge from the main house to the loft above the garage!  isn’t that stunning?!  i love the simplicity of the 2 buildings and the modern glass enclosure.  for those of you wondering, the loft above the garage will be for my parents, who did the same thing at our last house.  they don’t live with us full time, but are here on average a week a month.  they like to have their space, but also still be close and connected with us.

we’re wrapping up the main design plans and heading into engineering soon!  any questions or ideas for me?


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    It sounds so awesome and I’m looking forward to following the process and living vicariously through you! :)

  2. 2

    Fun Fun Fun, will stick around for the inspo

  3. 3

    How exciting! love the inspiration and YES do the glass bridge!!

  4. 4

    sounds like a very challenging project with lots of great ideas, good luck

  5. 5

    Just gorgeous, Lindsey. And I love the loft idea for your parents!! Thank you for sharing your plans with us! I look forward to following your progress and lessons learned. I would love to do the same one day. ;-)

  6. 6

    So fun! We recently bought some property and are in the process of beginning a build too. We are looking at doing a Shouse aka barndominium where a large shop and a house are both in one large metal building. Loved looking at your ideas

    • 7

      Metal building is good idea for the barn building, which suitable for the owner have less construction experience, find a local reliable local contractor from the design to construction.

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    Lisa Lorkowski says:

    Hi Lindsey. Just wondering where you are in your process of building. We have bought 3 acres and are building a craftsman/farmhouse home. We will break ground soon. I love to follow the building process of other folks in hopes of learning and expanding our knowledge. Any updates on your new home? Thanks so much! Happy Fall.

    • 9

      our process is going soooooo slowly! we are still in the process of getting our permits – hoping to have them by the end of the year and break ground in january, but who knows! thanks for checking in. how’s your project?

  8. 10

    The farm building photos looks very good, it is not people image the wet and dirty of the farm house, it looks like commercial buildings

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