Casual Fridays

Do any of you remember “Insta Fridays“?  I used to do an Instagram update every Friday on the blog – like a little weekly recap.  I miss that!

Instead, today I’m sharing a few things I’m loving lately, am inspired by, or just get a kick out of!

  • I recently listened to Michael Hyatt’s new podcast called Lead to Win which he hosts with his daughter.  I particularly liked this episode talking about 5 reasons resolutions fail – its made me rethink my list of resolutions, rework them, and rename some of them as “goals” and set a plan in action to achieve them!  There are several podcasts that I’m loving right now – maybe I’ll share them all in a post soon.  Do you have a favorite?

4 to follow

  • I have been doing some deep dives on Instagram after I took a month off over Christmas break.  I am finding more “house-centric” feeds and endless inspiration for our next home.  Here are 4 of my new & old favorites: (clockwise, starting top left) Arrows & Bow, Brepurposed, Chris Loves Julia, and My Simply Simple.  And you can follow me over there, too!  Who are some of your favorites?
  • Pretty much our entire family is NOT musically gifted, but we sure do love music here in the Cheney household!  Dance parties are a pretty regular occurrence.  Sometimes just me alone.  By myself.  In the kitchen.  We have a Samsung Soundbar that gets pretty loud and has great sound, if you’re looking to up your dance party game! new city catechism
  • Our family (and our church) is going through the New City Catechism together.  There’s a kid’s version and an adult version – we’re using the app but I also got the book because I like to have an actual book sometimes to read through.  We’re choosing to do both versions, but aiming to memorize the longer adult version.  There are 52 questions, designed for us to memorize 1 each week.  We’re 3 weeks in to it and successful so far – only 49 weeks to go ;)
  • Our youngest, Silas, is 10.  Obviously old enough to know how to tie his shoes.  But the kid (along with his father) hates to tie & untie his shoes, so he does his best to slip them on without doing either, which tends to break down the shoe a little faster.  My sister introduced us to these awesome elastic shoe laces – they look like regular laces, but are stretchy so make just about any lace-up shoes into slip-ons!

And now let’s celebrate because its the WEEKEND!!!  Sean has been traveling all week and this mama is ready for some time with her favorite man.  We’ve got a teenage girl sleepover planned, a little parent training seminar to attend, a birthday party, and a wine & cheesecake party (woohoo!).  I also have several started projects that I need to finish – did you know I am famous for starting projects and not finishing them? One of my goals is to be a better finisher – ha!

Have a great weekend friends!  What are your plans?


  1. 1

    Love “Casual Friday’s” post!

  2. 2

    Glad you’re back to blogging and I like these “different”posts!

  3. 3

    Love the elastic laces! My son is the same way. He loves Vans but, doesn’t want to lace and tie them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 4
    Joy Costello says:

    The laces are great and on trend. Everyone is tucking their shoelaces in. Can’t wait for ours to arrive.

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