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Its been awhile since I gave an update on where we’re at with our house build.  I wish I could’ve have update earlier, but NOTHING HAS BEEN HAPPENING! Ugh.  You guys.  Never ever in my life did I think this house building process would take so stinkin’ long.  I think we’re about 2 1/2 years or so into this process.  Good.Ness.

(our old house)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s how it all started: why we sold our last house, the lengthy process of selling, and buying our property.

There has been some progress, I guess, but its been so slow.  Our plans have been submitted to the county for the first round of plan checks and now we’re just w a i t i n g for the plans to get resubmitted for the second, and hopefully last, round.  Then we’ll have our permits and can finally get started on actually building a house!  We have chosen a new builder and can’t wait to get started with him.

For now, I have been walking through my house in my head, and since our plans have been drawn for so long now, I am second guessing some of my ideas.  Here’s my latest change I think I’m going to make: changing our front porch roof from flat to angled.  I think we went with flat because our architect was pushing us to go more modern  – which I asked him to do – but in the end, I feel like its just not the look I’m really wanting.

This is what it’s designed to look like currently:

flat porch roof

View from the front of the house (above).

flat porch roof

View from the side.  See how flat it is? I like the look for sure, but I just don’t love it.

It totally matches my original modern farmhouse exterior inspiration, but I’m second guessing it now.

Here’s what I’m going for:





So what do you think?  Do you prefer a flat porch roof or slightly angled?


  1. 1

    Yep … I like the slight angle. I mean, every photo from that first inspiration post I love, too, but I think the angle will feel right for your aesthetic.

    • 2

      I think you’re right! I do love those original inspiration pics, but seeing on my architectural drawings… it just didn’t sit right with me.

  2. 3

    1. I like the slight angle.
    2. I’m really glad you’re back on the blog! I was so excited to see the post the other day when I checked my feed!

  3. 5

    Slightly angled, will help with drainage too :)

  4. 6

    I love the slightly angled roof. Being that I live in the mountains of WNC, flat roofs are not really advisable here. But when I think of farmhouses, I feel that they all have an angled roof (at least in my area that is). It is a precious look. :)

  5. 7

    Personally I like the angled porch roof-line BUT I don’t think you can go wrong with either – they both look great!

  6. 8

    I like slight angle; but mostly so you don’t have water problems.
    I was so glad to see your post the other day; I was looking for you. Thankful you are all okay

    • 9

      Fortunately (or unfortunately) here in CA we have very little water to cause problems! And thanks for your encouraging words!

  7. 10

    Definitely the angle. That gives the house a country image. The flat porch roof looks somewhat like a commercial building.

    • 11

      You are so right! I see the flat roof on commercial buildings and I think it looks great, but probably not for my home. Thanks for weighing in!

  8. 12

    Go angled!!! I think we are all in agreement here. Ha!

  9. 13
    Maria A Trunzo says:

    Flat roofs hold water. I know, we had one in our first home in the front of our house. Hard to get someone to reroof it when we needed a new roof.
    Go for the angle.

  10. 14
    RubberChickenGirl says:

    Def slanted/angled. It’s better for rain run-off AND won’t look so much like a 1960’s carport.

  11. 15

    The angle for sure! The flat makes it look to condo-y. And I’m sure that’s not where you want to go!

  12. 17

    I like the angle as long as it doesn’t cover the top of the bottom windows or it may appear to “shorten” the lower level of the house.

  13. 18

    Yes, it needs some character. It almost looks like a motel?

  14. 20

    I like the slight angle.

  15. 21

    I sooo understand. We started on our for closure house about the same time as you sold yours. I’m so ready to be settled! With a new baby coming in the next 6 weeks I’m kind of glad we’ve got a couple more months before it’s ready to move into. Hopefully May. I’m excited for you too!! Keep us up to date.

  16. 23

    Love it! Slightly angled looks great.

  17. 24

    I like the look of the angled roof better. I am a construction project manager and from a construction standpoint angle is a better design. Flat roofs have all sorts of drainage issues. Even though it is a porch roof and small you definitely want something that will move water away from your house as quickly as possible. Whatever you decide I am sure it will be very pretty!

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