vintage love {3 speckled hens}

we have a vintage/salvaged finds show that runs twice a year locally called the 3 speckled hens.  it is an amazing show!  i must admit, i’ve gone in the past and felt a couple times that the prices were a little too high, but i feel like things changed this time.  thats not to say that everything was affordable, but i did find many more things were reasonably priced!  my friend, nicole, and i were able to sneak away for a couple hours last weekend.  i think part of our success was that we went the last 2 hours of the last day of the show – the vendors were all ready to bargain when they were faced with the idea of packing it all back up to take home!

enjoy a handful of pictures – i think they are a good snapshot of the show!

3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens 3 speckled hens

i’ll share with you soon the goodies i came home with and how i’m using them in my home!


fred & betty’s – phase 1


fred & betty’s is done!  well, thats not totally true, but we’re open!  we have more plans for “phase 2”, but those are a ways off.

for those of you new here, our school took over a thrift store and completely renovated it, inside and out in 3 weeks.

and i ran the renovation.  it was crazy hard but also crazy fun!

the sign was painted by my friend christina and her sister!


we got 2 amazing signs c/0 kristi from barn owl primitives.  one is aqua and the other is this mustard-y color – so fun, right?!

kristi’s shop is filled with all sorts of amazingness (see here).  she has generously offered a 15% discount with code POPPY15!


this is the entryway view – wow, right?!


especially when it looked like this 2 weeks ago!


 all of the wood walls were made from pallets that we got for free, broke apart and stained ourselves.  when i say “we”, i mean our team of parent and friend volunteers.

the coat of yellow paint on the ceiling is a fun contrast to the distressed wood.  we used pinnacle painting for our ceilings and exterior and were very happy with them!


 our first week of taking over the store, while we were still open, we uncovered lots of amazing treasures that we saved for our re-opening.  it was incredible all the goodies we found that were literally buried!


 we originally weren’t planning to use these existing glass shelves, but once we moved them to a nicer background and repainted the bases, they suddenly became perfect!


 i think this is my favorite part of the store!  originally, this area was more like a dungeon to me, with the low ceiling and the center was filled with shelves to the ceiling, making the area feel claustrophobic.  but now its a cool library area!  my kids go straight in here every time we go to the store.  gracie sits in a chair and grabs a book to read off the shelf, silas goes to the games or puzzles, and lily wanders through the store searching for treasures (usually jewelry!).

new books are pouring in every day, which makes it even more fun for gracie to search for new ones.




 there’s a large storage room at the back of the store that we call “the shed”, that holds all the items waiting to go out on the floor, and i found 2 old doors back there.  we pulled them out, cleaned them up, and put them on these galvanized sawhorses to use as display tables!


 we also made a beautiful crate wall from crates we got for free from a kiwi farm.




 we covered a wall with galvanized corrugated metal that was salvaged from my parents’ house – free!


 the changing rooms are so cute now!  they are wrapped in pallet wood and the new curtains are from target.


 the clothing area is hugely improved also!  we eliminated (donated, sorted) much of the inventory and made room to shop.  the aisles are wider and the hangers have been changed out to match (as much as possible).  i think i may have touched every single piece of clothing in this store!  there are some real treasures in here, vintage and newer!


 the inventory changes daily, which makes me want to get in there all the time to rearrange things!  even though i was exhausted from all the work, i want to go in every day still!

fred & betty is located at 532 higher street in san luis obispo, ca and is open monday through saturday from 10 until 6.

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