summer bbq


with the summer nearing the end (today is our first day of school!), we decided to host a bbq with a few other families from our neighborhood.  we are blessed with awesome neighbors!  having something on the calendar is always good motivation for me to clean the house, and this time the backyard, too!  silas was my little workhorse this day.  he asked me to pay him $15 an hour.  we negotiated down to $3.

i went simple and summery with my decor:  a rainbow of bandanas for napkins, white plates, hydrangeas in mason jars, all on top of layered white table cloths.


we pulled a few pillows from our porch couch to soften up the fireplace since we were going to have a fire once the evening cooled down.


i set up a little drink station on our potting bench to make serving yourself easy.


and i’m still kicking myself for not taking any pictures during the gathering!  we had a great night, good food, and lots of fun!

giving gifts is not my gift

confession:  i am a terrible gift giver.

terr. i. ble.

i’m surprised i have any friends left.  i still have a family because, well, they can’t leave me.

one of my closest friends is a wonderful, thoughtful gift giver (see her gift to me here).  her birthday is the day before mine, so in theory, we should get each other’s gifts at about the same time.  nope.  she sends mine at least a few weeks early, while i send mine at least 3 weeks late.  i’m nothing if not consistent, people.

i decided that if i’m going to be late, at least i could get her something thoughtful.  but i couldn’t think of anything!  so i decided to just keep a look out wherever i went for the perfect gift.


i was at aaron brothers, buying colored pencils for my kids, when i was the sucker at the checkout counter.  they had these beautiful hobnail candles that i just loved!  the colors were so pretty with the gold lid.  and the scent… so yummy.  kind of a pina colada flavor.  but really, i bought it because it was pretty and i knew nicole would appreciate it.

so i’m super pleased with myself and think i’ve nailed the gift.

then this happens.


somebody who i couldn’t get mad at accidentally dropped the glass candle jar on the garage floor when she was trying to help me get all my junk out of the car.


thankfully, i went back to aaron brothers and the cashier helped me find a 50% off coupon on my phone to get the candle at a huge discount – yay!


i also gave her a couple of my copper & leather tassel necklaces and the sweetest oregon scarf i found at our thrift store (she lives in oregon).


i wrapped it all up in the scarf and it was done… just a few weeks late.  also known as: right on time!