hello monday

 hello monday!

hello to emails not working and wordpress not working.  hello bad attitude.

(its getting fixed.  if you’ve emailed me today, try again tomorrow, ok?)

messenger bag from the pleated poppy

hello to messenger bags back in the shop, wrapped in pretty new sash fabric!  (and coordinating sunnies cases!)

 hello to yards and yards of new messenger bag fabric!  i cut through almost all of this fabric yesterday and today and now i’m saying hello to my wrist brace and advil today – ouch!  one more huge pile to get through…

hello to a little organization amidst the chaos.

hello to hydrangeas brought to me by my oldest to get me out of a funk.  and to apologize for a bad day of school.

 hello scarf fabric!  i’m not ready to say hello to fall or winter colors, so i’m embracing the beauty of summer and will be carrying it into the cooler months.  how can i not with colors this pretty?!

hello to being ahead of the game for once in my life!  no, i’m not listing christmas items yet, but i’m working on some crazy cute stuff!

and hello to another pile of adorable christmas fabric – what should i make out of it?


hello monday!

hello monday!

hello to the start of soccer season!

only silas is playing this year (can i get a hooray?), so it should be pretty mellow.  while we expected him to love it, it was a little overwhelming for him.

hello monday at the pleated poppy

hello to a patient and understanding daddy

hello monday at the pleated poppy

hello to regained confidence!

hello monday at the pleated poppy

 hello apple picking – a happy detour from the foggy beach

hello monday at the pleated poppy

hello multi-tasking: eating an apple while hula hooping!

hello monday at the pleated poppy

 goodbye fog, hello beach!

hello to trying fins with boogie boarding, and learning how to walk in fins!

hello monday at the pleated poppy

 hello to my big girl going surfing on her own (no waves = boo)

hello to a husband investing in his kids while his wife invested in a sandy nap ;)

hello to an awesome weekend with the family

hello to ending the weekend with a smile

hello to realizations:  i realized at the end of what was a great day that i hadn’t opened my computer even once.  correlation?  hmmm…

hello week ahead.  my lists are made and i’m feeling prepared – yay!

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