playroom table update


this post could alternatively be called “update on an old table”  or “nice legs!” ;)

our playroom/school room is a constant work-in-progress.  our needs change often, so we have to be pretty flexible to change with them.  when the kids were little, we usually had a coffee table in the middle of the room for additional surface space.  even though the kids all have their own work space, we tend to migrate towards the center of the room, and when we’re doing school, the kids work at the table with me.


but the kids are bigger now, and their big ol’ knees don’t fit under the coffee table anymore on the bitty chairs we’ve had.  darn growing kids ;)


so then an easy solution was a large 6 foot folding table with a table cloth tossed on it.  the size was nice – it gave us plenty of work space.  but it was almost too big and really wasn’t very pretty.

we still had the old round coffee table sitting in our garage (after we had replaced it with our reclaimed wood coffee table), and i thought we should try to revamp it as our new school room table.  having a round table is really nice in a square room that has a lot of traffic going around it in all directions.  the rectangle table seemed so inconvenient some days.  i just needed a new base on the round coffee table.  i was thinking maybe taking off the legs and putting it on a wine barrel, but then there’d be no leg room.  and then i though logically (imagine that!) and decided to just replace the legs.


the home depot to the rescue, once again!  there were actually a few options of the height of legs that i needed, but i decided to just go with simple legs that were similar to the original ones.  we easily removed the old legs, and sean installed the new ones (they needed a couple cuts, so i delegated the job to him).  all i had to do was slap on a couple coats of the original leg paint and it was done.


now we have a normal height table with plenty of space, but still lots of room to move around it!

and now for a little honesty.  while i’ve been working on the half of the room you see in the picture above, the rest of the room has been a disaster!  so before you think my house is always clean and pretty, please know that for many of my pictures i am shoving the junk and toys aside to get a prettier picture.


details on the room:

table leg color: mermaid’s net by behr

wall color: christopher robin’s swing (home depot)

rug: old, target

white chairs: ikea

built-in desks: my husband’s company, onesource home solutions

chalkboard wall details

wood crate book shelf



now you see it, now you don’t


 my goal for the playroom/school room/studio this summer was to make it more beautiful, but maintain the functionality.  we live in this room most of our days.  this is where it all happens.  now that i’m slowly making it more aesthetically pleasing, i need to make sure that i’m keeping it functional.  the wood crate bookshelves have definitely helped a ton with school storage, and the map is a definite necessity (and its pretty, too!).  but what we really need to keep is the white board.  it used to be on this wall (before we made it a giant chalkboard) next to the map, but it made this space so busy (and its not very pretty to look at all the time).  so we came up with a solution…


 we put the white board behind the map!  easy solution!  all i have to do is roll the map up with my hands and pin each side with a clothespin.


 i’d love to have an old school pull down map in its place, but this solution totally works and was free.  my favorite kind of solution!