we have arrived!

i think my blogging time may be a bit more short and sweet than i had originally intended – my chance to use the internet will be some evenings, and so far, i’m pretty tired come evening time!

today feels like it was really our first full day here, although we have been gone for a couple days.  our first flight from l.a. to dubai was about 16 1/2 hours long, then a short layover until our next 5+ hour flight to delhi, india.  we taxi’d to our hotel and passed all sorts of amazing crazy confusing sights (so many contrasts!) and fell asleep in our rooms to the sounds of horns honking and fireworks.  today, we woke up, shared a meal with our group, had a group discussion on a book we’re all reading together (real life discipleship by jim putman) then had enough time for a short walk along the streets outside our hotel.

due to some safety concerns, i’ll be keeping the rest of my posts for when i get home.  just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and let you know we are safe!