accessory organization

i love to be organized, although its definitely not my greatest strength!  my favorite type of organization is when everything is out in the open, rather than boxed up and put in a drawer.  if it is boxed up, those boxes better be pretty!  now, i don’t mean this about everything – i don’t want my organized socks out on display, but accessories?  now thats something i like to look at!

accessory organization

not only are accessories pretty to look at, but it really is so much easier to make decisions about what to wear when i can see everything out in the open with one look.  this is my set up in my bedroom, just across from my bed.  i think its a pretty view ;)

accessory organization

all of my necklaces hang here.  every one of them.  i feel bare without a necklace each day.

accessory organization

this little ceramic bowl is overflowing with all my flower pins.  i don’t wear them all that often, but i do love to look at them.

accessory organization

the antlers of this deer head fit my little ring collection perfectly!

accessory organization

bracelets are really hard to organize and still access easily, but these vintage glass bottles make it pretty easy.

accessory organization

this little egg dish holds my earrings and charm bracelets.

accessory organization

i have a bit of a scarf obsession.  i have 3 big ol’ iron hooks behind my door that i keep them all hung on.   i also have a few headbands hung on the far left hook.

other accessories?  i have my hats, purses and belts hung up in my closet, but they’re just not as fun to look at!

how do you organize your accessories?  do you like them out on display, or tucked away neatly?  i’d love for you to share your ideas!


jewelry storage made beautiful {jones design company}

jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy

i feel like i have been following emily’s blog, jones design company, forever!  her style and aesthetic is stunning – clean, crisp, beautiful.  she also has a handmade shop where she designs beautiful prints and cards.

{click here for the rest of the series}

I was just having a conversation with my darling sister-in-law about how to navigate looking stylish when you don’t have a clue what stylish is. My best tip: throw on a piece of colorful, chunky jewelry. I’m not really sure if that qualifies as stylish, but it seems easy enough to me. As a girl who wears a whole lot of jeans + cardigans, somehow I feel a bit more put together when I slip on a necklace.

Jewelry-collecting is new to me. I don’t wear a lot and on most days all you’ll see me wearing is my wedding ring, a white watch and my favorite dainty necklace with my kids’ initials.

But with so many affordable and colorful pieces out there, its fun to go a little crazy every once in a while.

To store my small collection of jewels {none of them precious, by the way}, a simple linen-covered cork board does the trick. I stapled the fabric to the board, adding in upholstery tacks along the perimeter because don’t you think upholstery tacks make everything look fancier?! The necklaces are hung on t-pins purchased at the office supply store.

Bracelets and cocktail rings overflow from a vintage silver bowl.

Having the pieces out makes me excited to wear them.

And hopefully look a bit more stylish in my jeans + cardigan uniform.