movie party


i told you i was way behind on parties – this one was from a couple years ago!

my oldest, grace, wanted to have an outdoor movie party with all of her friends from school and church.  i was able to pull together a simple theme with red items with a vintage feel.


we set up a cute snack table with popcorn and treats – everything you need for a movie night!


sometimes i overestimate on the time we need for a party, and this one was way too long!  i think we started at 5, and couldn’t start the movie until after 8 when it was dark enough.  so to fill that extra time, beyond eating and gift opening, we set up a handful of games for the group of preteens.

spoons is always a fun game for both boys and girls together.


we also played twister outside on the grass – which is always hilarious!


because all the candy just wasn’t enough (#sarcasm), we also supplied all the goods for s’mores at the outdoor fireplace.


finally, movie time!  they watched “holes” which fit the bill for mostly clean and entertaining for kids this age (mostly 12 year olds).


one thing i have grown to love about birthday parties for my kids as they get older is to see what a great group of friends they have and to see them be known and loved!

skate party

i’m a bit behind on sharing some of the parties i’ve thrown over the last couple years, but this one was just too fun (& easy!) not to share!

when silas turned 8, he wanted a skate party.  i used to be way into making fun invites, but for the most part, those days have passed and i am all about the ease of evites – plus they have really cute designs!


 we decided to have the party at the skate park, because our backyard was only so fun for a group of boys and one small quarter pipe ramp.  plus, way easier clean up!


lily (my little baker) and i made a couple fun treats to go with the bags of chips and costco pizzas.  we started with tiny skateboard cookies: nutter butters with rollos wheels attached with melted chocolate.  they turned out pretty darn cute, i must say!


the really fun challenge was the half pipe cake.  i made the mistake of asking silas what he wanted his cake to look like, and he said a half pipe, colored like the skate park.  so i did my best!


i made a couple sheet cakes, then chopped up one and stacked them until they began to resemble a half pipe.


we coated it with frosting, added some sprinkled “tiles”, and used some tech deck skate boards for effect.  si loved it!


we brought the treats, pizzas, bags of chips and an ice bucket filled with mini gatorade bottles.  the activities were skating, eating, gift opening, and…


breaking into a boom box piñata! (from target – no longer available)



some boys refuse to grow up ;)




i love hosting parties at home because i know i’ll have everything i need on hand, but boy it sure is nice to keep it simple and head out to the park for a party sometimes!