i heart fabric

i mean, i really, really love it.

i was so giddy last week when another lovely package arrived from hawthorne threads.

whenever i get a package from them i drop whatever i’m working on and tear into that package immediately.

then i thumb through it, try different pairings, then move immediately to refolding it and stacking it with my other fabric and looking at all the color coordinated loveliness.


there is some amazing new anna maria horner stuff that i can’t wait to cut into.

yep, i’m a dork.

lazy maker

i may have let it slip here once or twice before.
i know that may not fit with your perception of me 
as the home schooling, business running, late night crafting mama of 3, but i am.
and i despise ironing.
loathe it really.
but did you know that ironing (or “pressing”) is actually a HUGE part of sewing?
and my ironing board is attached to the wall in my closet, 
so every time i needed to iron something i’d have to get up from my sewing machine 
and walk into the next room to do it.
and sometimes i have to iron a lot, like for 45 minutes or so.
doing that alone in a closet is no fun at all,
unless i bring my computer in with and watch a show online, just to keep me company.
i was doing my weekly costco trip,
purposefully avoiding all the unnecessary aisles,
out of the corner of my eye i spotted something unusual.
a mini ironing board.
and not one of those teeny ones for setting up on your table to iron tiny projects.
this thing is big – wider than a standard board – but just not as long, and without the legs.
i think it was around $20 so i added that to my oversized cart,

and so it sits, here on my desk when i need to iron.
so i not only don’t have to get up to go iron in the other room,
but now i don’t even have to get up!
i can sit in my chair at my desk and iron while watching a show.
i don’t think it gets much lazier than that!
the back side even has a little arm for ironing sleeves.
it will never be used.
because really, do you think i actually iron my clothes?!
i am much too lazy for that!